Our Mission


Develop Next Generation Wireless Broadband Systems


Bring the reach of the global internet to underserved suburban areas and rural communities


Technologies that are low cost and low power consumption

Curvalux Introduction


Curvalux is a Patented World’s Highest Performance Wireless Broadband Access System


Curvalux Products are Superior to Fiber, 5G and Satellite for Urban, Rural and Remote Regions


World Leading Telecommunications Customers are Signing on to Curvalux


Curvalux is Powered by the Sun

Connecting the World

Curvalux Beam Forming

Current Wide Beam Antennas

Similar to a light bulb send signals everywhere wasting power and providing limited range

Curvalux Software Defined Phased Array Antennas

Similar to laser beams that are directed using much lower power and providing longer range

Curvalux Vs Competition


10x Speed


90% less Electrical Power


1/10th Cost / Gbps


10x Range

Connecting the World

The True Potential of Curvalux

Current Wide Beam Antennas

Spectrum is Used Only Once 5G <10 Gbps

Mass Deployment of Curvalux

Spectrum is Used Unlimited Times
4 Towers = 1 Tbps
40 Towers = 10 Tbps
400 Towers = 100 Tbps

Future Evolution of Curvalux

Curvalux 5: MobileMux 4 & 5G signals carried on Curvalux 3.1

Increase Mobile Network Capacity by 100 times (Patent Filed)

Curvalux 4: Mobile Multibeam Antenna

30 dBi Directivity & > 8 Beams 1/10 th Power Consumption

Curvalux 6: Curvanet

480 LEO Satellites ~ 10 Tbps $100 User Terminals, 3B people

Multibeam Multiverse


Market Opportunity & Challenges of Connectivity

3.2B Lack Internet Access
Over 30M Americans Lack Broadband Connectivity

Global Telecommunications market is $1.7TN

  • $1TN in wireless & $0.7TN fixed line
  • $200BN in wireless Opex & $300BN Capex

Fiber optic cables require time and costs to secure Right of Way 5G and other wireless systems cannot match fiber economics


4G capacity insufficient for broadband services to homes 5G uneconomical in suburban areas Fiber backbone availability limited


Current satellite services are too costly Lack of electricity restricts deployment of wireless towers Fiber backbone uneconomical / logistically impossible

Curvalux Solutions


Curvalux 2.0 (5GHz unlicensed)


Curvalux 2.0 CPE (5GHz unlicensed)


Curvalux Advantages

Curvalux is a globally patented advanced multi beam phased array wireless broadband access system that is superior to 4G & 5G for WBA

Curvalux achieves high system capacity by creating multiple beams with unmatched signal strength
  • Curvalux Generation 1 & 2 operates in unlicensed Wifi band 5 to 7 GHz
  • Curvalux Edge Nodes generate 16 high capacity beams with over 5 Gbps of capacity
  • Due to beam isolation Curvalux is highly tolerant to interference
  • Curvalux supports the 802.11AX standard with all CPEs and Wifi devices supported
  • Over 500 Mbps can be delivered to Wifi Smartphones 500 meters from the tower providing better performance than 5G
  • 200 Mbps speeds achieved over 2 km to low cost user terminals (CPEs)
  • World leading mobile operators want to adopt Curvalux to do LTE offload of their networks
Curvalux’s proprietary antenna systems dramatically reduces system power consumption for wireless towers
  • 4G and 5G systems consume more than 10 kilowatts of power per tower
  • Curvalux only consumes 150W of power enabling a 100% solar based solution
  • Power generation and operational costs are one of the largest inhibitors of mobile penetration into rural areas where electrical power is largely not available
  • Over 1 bilion people today are without power and additional 2 bilion have unreliable power
  • Mobile operators will use Curvalux to expand wireless broadband services into rural communities cost effectively

4G / 5G MIMO Widebeam vs Narrow Beam of Curvalux


Curvalux is 16 Narrow Band Antennas from Edge Node


Curvalux Edge Node / One Edge Node Supports Over 1,000 users

Curvalux 2.0 vs. Wifi Competition

A global mobile operator compared the Curvalux technology to other fixed wireless technologies and their conclusions were:
  • More beams (16)
  • Antenna: Narrow beam with higher directivity, range, and throughput
  • Flexibility and Scalability:
      Interoperability with any Wifi Access Points Can configure the number of beams to operate Can dimension the system based on pop. density
  • Availability of low cost CPEs
  • Better interference mitigation
Other FWA vendors are only offering vertically integrated wide beam access points (APs) with high-cost consumer premises equipment (CPEs) for low subscriber installations (below 100 users)
  • Curvalux is interoperable with any Wifi standard APs and CPEs
  • Curvalux directly supports communications with any Wifi enabled device or smartphones
  • Each Curvalux sector can support 1,000 physical receiver users per Edge Node and over 2,500 subscribers
Image Image Image Image
Support MIMO Yes Yes Yes Yes
Phased Array Multi-Beam Antenna Yes No No No
# of Beams 16 1 3 4
Prone to Interference No Yes Yes Yes
Price of Customer Premise Equipment <$50 $300 $150 $500
Compatible with any Wifi AP, CPE, smart phones Yes No No No

Curvalux 2.0 Proof of Concept Trials

Curvalux PoC Wifi 5 Testing in Hong Kong
Curvalux PoC Wifi 6 Testing in Las Vegas

Global Proof of Concept Trials Underway Indicate Strong Demand

The Company has validated its technology through extensive trials and has built a robust sales pipeline with major global telecom operators


Successful Proof of Concept (“POC”) trials across Asia, MENA, North America, Europe and Middle East markets with top tier global telecom operators


Strong interest for POCs from major telco players, with over 11 trials scheduled through end of 2021


Commercial orders with Tier 1 mobile operator commenced in March 2021, expected to initially rollout to 354 towers nationwide


Mobile operators in sales pipeline represent 35%+ of the ~6.5BN in total global mobile subscribers (excludes China)


We saw the successful demonstration of Curvalux’s last mile Wi Fi service in rural areas. We were impressed by its download speed, easy set up and operation, as well as its stable performance even during heavy rains.

Danny Li, Co Owner & CTO, HKBN

Curavlux 2: Globe Telecom

Curvalux Roll out Philippines
  • Globe Telecom is No. 1 Mobile Operator in the Philippines unit of Singapore Telecom.
  • Plans to roll out Curvalux on 40% of the towers to cover bottom 50% of the Income Level (~40M People)
Best Wi Fi for Social Impact Award 2021
  • Winning Entry: Curvalux UK Ltd. and Globe Telecom for Sustainable Fixed Wireless Access solutions to connect billions of unconnected around the world
  • “This is an interesting solution to connect people in developing countries who have no internet access because they are in hard to connect areas comprised of small islands and rural areas. I am most impressed with the $40 CPE.”

Curvalux 3 Edge Node

  • Launching Q1 2022
  • 24.5 27.5GHz, 26.5 29.5GHz, 31GHz , 37 40Ghz
  • Modular and scalable sector architecture,
  • Up to 32 beams per 120 degrees sector
  • Dynamic load balancing beam management
  • Up to 50 Gbps total throughput per sector
  • Very High spectral efficiency 80Bit/sec/Hz/sector
  • Long distance and high availability , Up to 55dBm EIRP per beam
  • Peak capacity of 2Gbps per user (over 160MHz
  • Low power consumption , dynamic energy saving mechanisms
  • Up to 20 km range (high EIRP and parabolic antenna on CPE) rain zone and availability dependent
  • Integrated FWA and backhaul

Curvalux 3 Network Elements


Curvalux 3 Duo CPE (2mmW Beam Former)


Curvalux 3 Max Edge Node & CPE (24 inch) 41 dBi Dish Antenna


Curvalux 2 & 4: Non LOS Solution

Curvalux 2 & 3 CPE 100 to 1 Gbps 20 km with Line of Sight with External 2.4GHz Antenna 1 to 2km NLOS


MobileMux : Curvalux 3 for Mobile Networks

  • World’s highest capacity wireless system
  • 120 field of view with 32 active beams
  • Active beam steering
  • 64 Gbps of capacity
  • Supports TDD & FDD Baseband
  • Built in WiFi 6 baseband
Curvalux3 CPE
  • Provides up to 2 Gbps 5 km to the tower
  • Active beam steering to the tower
  • Mesh mode to connect other users without line of sight to the tower
  • WiFi 6 Baseband
  • Installed onto existing 4G/5G towers
  • RANs are centrally located and managed
  • Upconverts mobile signals from the RANs to mmW
  • phased array beams using Curvalux 3
MobileMux Gap Filler
  • Down converts mmW modulated mobile signal to local area 50 to 100 meter coverage
  • Low cost and replaces a mobile tower
  • Allows x50 fold increase in mobile services from
  • existing towers at 1/100 th the cost

Curvalux is Green, Eco Friendly